Dongfeng Cummins ra mắt động cơ mới QSZ13-10 công suất 550KVA

On September 21, 2020, the 19th China (Shanghai) International Power Equipment and Generator Set Exhibition (GPOWER Power Exhibition), which was postponed due to the epidemic, opened grandly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Dongfeng Cummins brought a variety of high-performance industrial power and power generation power to the show, and at this exhibition, it shockedly released QSZ13-G10 550kVA power generation power products. The beautiful "red makeup" has become a different kind of scenery in the exhibition, and the technical performance of high power, low fuel consumption and high reliability presents a gluttonous feast in the field of power technology!



         Dongfeng Cummins booth has an endless stream of customers

All-core work, wisdom controls the future

For a long time, Cummins has continued to innovate technology with the vision of "Innovation is inexhaustible, achieving customers", providing users with multiple power solutions. At this exhibition, Dongfeng Cummins and Cummins Power Technology Co., Ltd. will bring you the QSZ13-G10 550kVA power generation power of "All-core work, intelligent control of the future". This product fills the product blank of Dongfeng Cummins in this power range, and has more powerful power. The product has optimized design, excellent configuration, higher reliability and lower fuel consumption. It can also provide customers with exclusive power solutions, provide good performance power output for electrical equipment, and optimize life cycle costs.

Dongfeng Cummins QSX13-G10_550KVA

QSZ13-G10 engine

At the QSZ13-G10 550kVA press conference, Xiang Yongdong, general manager of Cummins China Power Systems Division, addressed the guests. He said: "Cummins was founded in 1919. 2019 is Cummins' 100th anniversary. In 2020, It is also the 100th anniversary of Cummins Power. We have ushered in two centuries in two consecutive years. At the intersection of the centuries, I am very happy to see Dongfeng Cummins launch another 13-liter power generation product. "

Sang Yongdong said that although Cummins is a century-old brand, it is not limited to the traditional machinery industry. At present, the company has established a new energy business department and began to get involved in the field of fuel cells. In the future, the market will see more and more Cummins new breakthrough.

General Manager of Cummins China Power System Division

Speech by Xiang Yongdong, General Manager of Cummins China Power System Division

Wang Chunguang, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., then described Dongfeng Cummins' strategic plan on the release of QSZ13-G10 550kVA. Currently, Dongfeng Cummins is planning to introduce new 4.0 diesel engine products, and will launch 15L diesel engine power in the future to expand its product line. In addition to diesel engines, Dongfeng Cummins will soon launch natural gas engines and automatic transmission products to break through its own business boundaries. Finally, Wang Chunguang said: “Dongfeng Cummins has been committed to cultivating market segments. In the field of power generation, Dongfeng Cummins currently has the largest market share; in the field of water pump units, we are expected to form a scale of more than 2,000 units this year. The strategic route of cultivating market segments is going farther and farther and better."

Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd

Speech by Wang Chunguang, Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

Then Fang Xiaoling, director of the overseas and marine power division of Dongfeng Cummins Marketing Company, gave a detailed introduction to the QSZ13-G10 550kVA power generation products released this time. She gave an in-depth explanation of the comprehensive advantages of QSZ13-G10 550kVA from the five aspects of power, adaptability, fuel consumption, remote control and service system, and proudly said: "QSZ13-G10 550kVA power generation products are the power output, All aspects of performance such as power liter are excellent!"

Fang Xiaoling

Fang Xiaoling, Director of the Overseas and Marine Power Division of Dongfeng Cummins Marketing Company, made a product introduction

Dongfeng Cummins QSZ13-G10 engine launching ceremony

Dongfeng Cummins QSZ13-G10 engine launching ceremony

In addition to the QSZ13-G10 550kVA power generation, the guests came to the Dongfeng Cummins booth, and the guests were also able to get close to the other three products-the water pump unit equipped with Cummins QSB3.9, the QSB4.5 engine and the generator set equipped with QSB6.7. Among them, QSB4.5 adopts a modular design, with a small number of overall parts, a low failure rate, a compact structure, and mature intelligent electronic control technology to improve the overall performance of the engine. Engine specifications can be tailored according to application requirements.

Adhering to Cummins' century-old technology to create more value for customers

Dongfeng Cummins adheres to Cummins’ century-old technology and integrates Cummins’ five advanced systems into one, providing customers with “one-stop” product solutions to ensure the optimal integration of key systems and ensure product fuel economy, low emissions and reliability. Dongfeng Cummins engine is small in size and compact in structure, making maintenance easier and faster. At the same time, its "one piece of multi-function" integrated design ensures high reliability and high attendance, making it better in power performance and longer life than similar engines, and can create more value for customers.



Exhibitors understand Dongfeng Cummins products

The industrial power and power generation power produced by Dongfeng Cummins, while introducing Cummins advanced technology, focuses on tailor-made and localized development for the needs of end users in the Chinese industrial market, and strives to create a higher rate of return and provide better services for customers. The high reliability of products has become an important factor favored by OEMs and users.

In the post-epidemic era, China’s economic construction is operating at high speed and has achieved world-renowned achievements. Various constructions are inseparable from the traction of power engines and the continuous supply of electric energy. Under the new normal, China needs more advanced power products to help the economy. rapid development.

Relying on Cummins' global unified production quality management system and standards, Dongfeng Cummins benchmarks international standards in product development, manufacturing, quality and management, and continuously improves the competitiveness of enterprises and products. With the continuous enrichment of product lines, Cummins engines produced by Dongfeng Cummins include B, C, D, L, and Z series platform engines, with displacements covering 3.9 to 15 liters and power ranges from 80 to 755 horsepower, which are widely used in construction machinery , Agricultural equipment, pump products, marine main and auxiliary engines, generator sets, light commercial vehicles, medium and heavy trucks, medium and high-grade intercity buses, large and medium buses, etc.

Nowadays, science and technology, especially innovative technologies, have become the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of enterprises and even the country. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is restructuring the innovation landscape and reshaping the economic structure. In the future, Dongfeng Cummins will start from the "core", deepen its application fields, build a new era power system, provide customers with high-quality products, practice strong power characteristics, and win more market recognition while contributing to China's high-speed construction Contribute more power to development!

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